A situation where no-one wins

So when Lincoln drew Arsenal there were many a fan on the various message boards and social media sites that were excited beyond belief, but then a rumour starts floating around that the tickets won’t be going on general sale, and Tuesday’s announcement of how the tickets are to be sold confirmed that. 

Up to and including this weekend, priority will go to anyone who is a season ticket holder, has the StrEight tickets, a six pack and members of the Junior Imps. The maths add up to around 7,500 tickets if each group takes up their respective allocation, so what happens with the other 1,500 or so tickets?

That’s the main point of contention with a lot of Imps fans at the moment because the club have already announced that they will NOT be going on general sale due to Arsenal’s request. This is due to the likelihood of just anyone gaining tickets and potentially selling them for profit, something that is rife in the higher divisions, especially a game that is as high profile as this is due to the progression of the Imps. Kevin Cooke has revealed that those at the club has been discussing how to distribute whatever tickets remain, although it has been made clear that unless you’re already on the club’s database, you’re not going to get a ticket.

What is contained on the database is another question. For example, I was a season ticket holder up until 2014 (I moved away from the area for work), but after you’ve not had a season ticket for a few years do your details get removed from the database until you get another one? I appreciate that the club probably can’t make an official announcement at the time of writing (I have a theory that come Monday they’ll say that anyone already on the database can get a ticket if they prove their name, but no-one new will be able to register), but I don’t think the silence from the club is helping this situation….not that I blame them for the aforementioned reason, and they can’t really determine anything until they know exactly how many have been sold.

This situation has left a lot of people panicked about getting a ticket, so much to the point where those who aren’t in any of the aforementioned priority groups are constantly asking those who are to get them tickets, almost to the point of some of them harassing others, and worst of all the staff at the club are on the receiving end of the anger of those who are likely to miss out due to not being in the aforementioned groups, and those who can’t follow simple instructions.

The wording on various media (not directly from the club) has also angered some as well, with the Lincolnshire Echo claiming at one point that the “most loyal supporters” will get the first choice on tickets. This angered a lot of those that can’t justify a season ticket for a variety of reasons, such as not living anywhere near the city, or work most weekends? The Echo’s poor wording basically says that simply having a season ticket makes you more loyal, so in theory a child of five, who doesn’t even watch the game  didn’t even pay for the ticket, would be considered more loyal than a fan of sixty years that attends every single home game, pays for him or her self., but doesn’t have a season ticket for personal reasons. The wording could certainly have been better.

For me this situation has left me not really that fussed about whether I go to the game or not, probably because I’ve accepted that I’m unlikely to get one. If I get a chance to get a ticket then I will certainly try to get one, especially as I only live a few miles from the Emirates, and have been there a few times, but if I don’t get the chance, or I am left with little time to travel up to Lincoln in time for getting one then I’m going to leave it there. I am planning on going to Braintree on Tuesday evening.



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